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1990 The people moving out

         The Kim family-Before/After 6.25

         A scene of our time-6.25

         For the dead

         Husk, Be gone
         A Song of Water I
         A scene of our time-Field, Wind, Peoples
         A scene of our time-Poor hillside

1991 Cross of Bamboo Spear
         Dangsang Tree III
         Commemorative photograph for 3 party
         Patriotic Marthyr, Kim Gwi-jeong

1992 Bukhansan

1993 Hug I
         The Earth-Mother(Iron)
         Way to Tamla


1994 A Song of Water II
         Poet Kim Nam-joo

1995 Auto Age
         Hug II
         Poet Ko Un's hand
         Thrusting Earth
         Thrusting Earth-Tractor
         Thrusting Earth-Fire
         Thrusting Earth-Water
         Thrusting Earth-Cloth
         Thrusting Earth-People
         Three Kim 

1996 White Bird
         White Flower
         Tears of Forest
         Lyuh Woon-hyung(Hanging picture)

1997 Sunrise
         The Est Sea
         Cheongwadae-The Blue House

1999 Rice bath
         Small Prison, Big Prison